Why pay for a content marketing specialist?

I heard a phrase the other day that ‘anyone can write copy so why would you pay for someone to do content marketing’?

This is something that copywriters hear all too often.

The argument is that in general, most people can write something about a topic.

I have planned and written marketing content for years now, so naturally my ears pricked up.

Did I agree?


Technically, kind of.

If a person can read and write, then yes, on the whole they should be able to string a sentence together about a subject.

However, most of us have sat and read (or listened to) badly written content.

For instance, you may be great at what your business does. Similarly, you may even be able to write something about it. Perhaps you don’t understand social media or advertising though.

Content marketing is a specialist subject. It is the process of creating and publishing interesting content for a targeted audience.

Good content should attract attention and generate leads, reach a new customer base, play part of the sales process, increase brand awareness, and engage with an online community.

Not just ‘anyone’ automatically knows how to write to do all of those things.

In fact, it’s one of my favourite analogies; I take my dog to my dog groomer. I don’t take him to my hairdresser. Although perhaps my hairdresser may be able to wing it, it’s not her area of expertise so it won’t be done the best way.

Therefore, would you do the same with your marketing material? I know I wouldn’t.

A content specialist loves what they do

By now, we agree that you should take your content seriously and enlist the help of someone with expertise. The truth is however, that when you invest in outsourcing your content, you actually get much more.

You receive the output of someone who loves what they do.


Words are their thing, and any content marketer worth an ounce of their salt will be passionate about it too.

I thought I’d make it simple. If you hire a content specialist:

  • It’s one less thing that you will have to do. Perhaps you don’t like writing or using social media, and it’s the job you push further and further down the list. Perhaps even to the point of forgetting to do it at all.
  • You have time to focus on your priorities. Cross content off the ‘to do’ list so that you can focus on your strengths and the job that you really love to do.
  • You will get better quality material. Not only will someone else do it for you, but they will do it to professional standard.
  • It’s optimised for the web. Your content will be written for search engines to pick up long tail keywords. Or perhaps it will include the right hashtags to help people find it.
  • It’ll be scheduled. No more forgetting to plan social content, publish the latest blog or write the monthly newsletter. Your content specialist will have it waiting in your inbox for you as part of the schedule.

Five pretty good reasons for starters, right?

Pitfalls of content marketing

It got me to thinking about some of the pitfalls people fall into when attempting to manage their own content marketing themselves.

  1. There is little or no planning. Content is written and shared in piecemeal with no future planning can mean that opportunities are easily be missed.
  2. It is inconsistent / off-brand. If it’s a bit ad hoc, it probably won’t be aligned or integrated.
  3. It dwindles away. If it’s not planned, it usually dries up.
  4. It’s littered with mistakes. Remember the analogy of the dog groomer? Grammar is not everybody’s forte.
  5. It doesn’t tell a story. Content is all about storytelling and not everyone is good at it.
  6. It fails to mention the best bits about a product. Often product owners are too close to a product and forget the bits that the consumer is looking for.
  7. It forgets the customer. Content can too easily become generic and fail to step in the shoes of the customer.

So in summary, yes, a business owner can write their own content, and might even be ‘OK’ at it.

If however, they want to stand out and prioritise what is essentially an enormous opportunity to really reach the customer, it’s time to invest.

To win, content marketing must be integrated, planned, strategic and written by someone who can get inside the customer’s head.

In other words, that’s why you should hire a specialist.

If you’d like to chat about how I can help you, email me.

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