10 autumn content ideas for parenting and lifestyle brands

The end of the summer comes and the season starts to change. That only means one thing; it’s time to start planning autumn content.

I love a new plan.

The idea of creating a smart new spreadsheet, using my little brain to come up with new ideas, and seeing the creative come to life is my bread and butter.

Sometimes we all just need a little help with kicking those ideas off though.

Therefore, I thought it might be useful for parenting and lifestyle brands if I pulled together some ideas for autumn content planning that you can start to use today.

Here are my top 10 favourite autumn content ideas that will take you right up to your Christmas planning.

1. Back to school

Back to school is the old favourite campaign will keep hitting the high street year after year.  It’s a winner because it’s relevant every school year.

Even if your product is aimed at babies or toddlers, this is still relevant.  Think out of the traditional ideas, such as creating autumn recipe ideas to promote lunchboxes, the weather to introduce seasonal products, or just launch a sale. Everyone will get it because within a few years your customers will be in the school world anyway, so it will feel quite natural.

Perfect for kids footwear, school uniform retailers, stationers, bookshops, baby and toddler retailers, toy shops.

2. Colours

You have to be walking around with your eyes shut to notice that the world around us changes in autumn.

Most parents will feel as thought they have their eyes shut most of the time, so this is a nice one to play on. Theme blogs, marketing campaigns or product selection based on oranges and brown autumnal colour palettes. For example, favourite jackets or boots for the school run, or a new AW capsule wardrobe.

Perfect for kids clothing retailers, rucksacks and bags, home and interiors.

3. Weather

There’s nothing us Brits enjoy more than a chat about the weather.

Write content about the changing of the seasons, what happens to nature autumn, and why it’s fun for kids. Above all, this is also a popular idea for that key autumn/winter event; choosing the perfect winter coat. Let’s face it, the weather changes day to day, so writing content about how to make the most out of the new temperatures is guaranteed to be popular.

Perfect for children’s clothing retailers, family days out, family-friendly travel.

pumpkin picking

4. Seasonal food

As it gets colder we all love snuggling up on the sofa and tucking into some comfort food.

Create content based around seasonal ingredients such as pumpkins and squashes, berries, and root vegetables. Write articles such as weaning recipes, hacks of how to easily prepare the ingredients, or simply why they are so good for families.

Perfect for businesses related to food, weaning, dinnerware, eating out, or food preparation. 

5. Half term holidays

It’ll feel like they only just went back to school. Half term comes around quickly however, and therefore provides a wealth of content ideas.

Write about activities to do at home on a budget, places to visit, autumn crafting, share parenting memes about school holidays, review new movies, and launch giveaways. There’s so much you can do for autumn holidays that will gain a lot of reach on social media especially.

Perfect for museums, theme parks, farms, leisure centres, family-friendly travel, cafes and restaurants, theatres, stationers, bookshops, sweetshops, subscriptions, toy shops – in other words virtually anything!

6. Halloween

This is a no-brainer, and becoming bigger and bigger here in the UK year after year.

Whether it’s best fancy dress ideas, party games, DIY decorations, tricks or treats, or just Halloween crafting ideas, there are loads of ideas that you can try. Create your own content or simply pull together articles displaying your favourites from places like Pinterest. This therefore means that content can be created on virtually any topic that you can find.

Perfect for any industry that appeals to children, parenting or lifestyle.

7. Bonfire night

This is another family favourite here in the UK and a great opportunity for bright and bold marketing content.

Create posts and articles about the history behind the gunpowder plot, firework safety, bonfire party planning, keeping warm, caring for the family pet or even how to survive fireworks when a child is scared etc.

Perfect for children’s clothing retailers, food retailers, events companies.

8. Health

Another given for autumn is the arrival (and seemingly lingering) of the common cold. This however, is an opportunity for some great content.

Focus on how to stay well in autumn and winter through content about food, nutrition, alternative medicines, self-care, exercise, sleep, relaxation etc.

Perfect for healthcare, food retailers, and leisure brands.

9. The great outdoors

Autumn is really pretty, and depending on the summer weather, a welcome drop in temperature for a lot of people.


Create content about how to enjoy the change of seasons with children, autumn fun in the garden, autumnal walks, conker collecting, hibernation, nature crafts for example. There is a lot going on outside, so use it to your advantage to write and share lots of engaging content.

Perfect for leisure activities, clothing retailers, crafting suppliers, baby and toddler retailers.

10. Christmas planning

Not technically autumnal, but the ‘C’ word can’t be forgotten.

In retail, Christmas starts in late summer, and you won’t be surprised to see offers or product popping up on the shelves in mid-autumn.  Start compiling seasonal content ready for the right time for your brand, such as gift guides, family events, crafting ideas, party outfits, recipes and so on.  

A MUST for any brand whatever the industry!

In summary, make the most of the season and all of the content ideas that it brings.

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